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I’ve been lucky enough to have 2 family shoots with Bobbi and I am so in love with my photos! She is professional, warm and caring about all of her clients. I highly recommend her work to anyone. She is a true artist and incredible photographer x ~Belle V


In her photos Bobbi truly captured how beautiful my family is and how happy we are to be together. Every time I look at the photos I am overwhelmed with the emotion her photos evoke. I especially love the photos of my 3 month old baby girl because her cheeky personality is forefront in the photo.~Trish W


Highly Recommend *5 stars*
I cannot wait for more special moments in our lives to be captured by Bobbi, a truly magnificent photographer and artist and an absolute down to earth Gem. Thank you Bobbi.~Erin C


We are so happy with our recent mini Mother’s Day photoshoot. The set up for the photos was creative and well considered. The photos are natural and raw and the communication with Bobbi has been great. She is one talented lady, who I know we will be visiting for more family photos in the near future. Thanks again Bobbi.~Tiffany S


AMAZING absolutely love our photos and although our two children were running their own show Bobbie made us feel at ease. Highly recommend Four Oceans! ~Amanda G

We ADORE our images by Bobbi! She captured our family exactly how we see it, with each different personality shining through. Our images take pride of place in our home. Thank you for your amazing work and talent Bobbi.~Fiona R


I honestly cannot thank you enough for our photo’s! They are absolutely amazing! And thankyou for encouraging me to get in a shot, I am so in love with those ones! I highly recommend you and your amazing business, you have a very special talent! all the best for the future xx ~Camille M


Fantastic photographer, so pleased with her work. Bobbi took some beautiful photos of my family. Highly recommended for anyone who wants those intimate family moments captured. ~Maria E

Beautiful Bobbi truly has a key eye for detail and knows what to look for when doing photography, she finds the most amazing places that I’ve driven past everyday for years and not thought a single thought about yet she has made the dim see light … my photos are incredible and have made me so speechless I can not recommend Bobbi enough on her hard dedicated work she does, she has captured the most incredible beauty my family has exquisitely. My children and I felt so comfortable with her that we could have stayed and played for hours. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Bobbi ~Aimee H


Bobbi is one of the most amazing photographers I’ve ever known. She creates beautiful, honest imagery and captures love and connection so effortlessly. She is a true artist, capturing beautiful light and natural textures in every photo. She’s so warm and friendly and will always provide beautiful art that captures the essence of the soul. If you are looking for a family photographer. Look no further! ~Michelle G


When I first found out I was pregnant I instantly knew I wanted to book with Bobbi. She was so easy to work with for both my pregnancy session and newborn session with my little girl. She made me feel and look beautiful while pregnant and the maternity photographs are ones I will cherish forever as well as the gorgeous newborn photos we did outdoors. She was so gentle and understanding with my newborn girl, I can’t recommend her enough!! I LOVE my photos and extremely grateful I went with Bobbi! Thank you for the AMAZING photos and the wonderful experience. I will be calling you as soon as I decide to have another baby! ~Jessica M

Bobbi did a family shoot for us. We have a special kind of family so I had to have someone that is open minded. I hired Bobbi because of her attention to detail! I love her colour scheme. But what I love the most is her passion. She is her biggest critic! Everything has to be and always is perfect! 
The other reason why I hired Bobbi, is because of our special needs boy. I needed someone who is understanding, who isnt in a hurry and is flexible to his needs. The excitement of going to the photo shoot was through the roof and even more so receiving the photos! Bobbi always brought the WOW factor, even before she edited them! When our family has photo shoots, I think we are all on edge, are stressed. (Is the photographer going to judge us? Will she/he understand? What if Master 6 melts down? Should I cancel now or wait 5 minutes before shoot, because the anxiety has already eaten me alive?!)
My favorite photos were Bobbi’s natural photos. Master 6 has had a melt down in the flower field, so she stood by the road and blew bubbles, and Master 6’s face was just like Christmas morning. That photo never gets old. Possibly because it is a very rare photo. Thank you again Bobbi for having us! I always have and always will highly recommend Bobbi for any type of photo shoot you plan on having in the future!! ~Belinda S

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